Clarkson Book Support Systems

Book Support System designed by Christopher Clarkson to cater for books with a wide variety of structural variations. The system is used in institutions throughout the world. The book support is built up from lightweight units of synthetic foam. Synthetic foam allows a book’s uneven board surfaces even with bosses and side pins to be equally supported over their entire exterior surface. The particular density of foam was chosen for the important non-slip characteristic required and the grey colour was found preferable for a library environment.

Clarkson Book Support Systems: Small Base Wedge 370 x 225mm

Head to Toe dimension 240mm,  Cover width  165mm

Regular price $89.55 (ex GST)

Clarkson Book Support Systems: Medium Base Wedge 500 x 349mm

Head to Toe dimension 370mm, Cover width  240mm

Regular price $168.50 (ex GST)

Clarkson Book Support Systems: Large Base Wedge 760 x 470mm

Head to Toe dimension 495mm, Cover width 370mm

Regular price $372.50 (ex GST)