Jeff Peachey designs make and sell tools for bookbinders, conservators and leatherworkers.
Carbon Fibre Lifter. The carbon fibre lifter is a new tool to aid a conservator when mechanically lifting covering material, pastedowns and general delaminating. Lifting knives, Teflon tools, micro spatulas, Teflon coated tools, and bamboo Hera all have their place in a conservator’s arsenal. The carbon fibre lifter is between a Teflon folder and bamboo in feel: much thinner and more rigid than Teflon, stronger than bamboo and it slides easier. Very strong and flexible, though not indestructible. Great for paper, weak cloth, heavily embossed cloth, and lumpy, uneven boards.  It is flexible, yet provides unparalleled control even when it is in deep.  It is designed to slide between and separate adhered materials, but the blade is not really strong enough to split a board, like a knife can do.  The carbon fibre lifter is designed for sliding and prying lifting techniques.  It is also useful for reversing previous “repairs” like gluing a cloth case spine to the text block, given its thinness, strength, and long length. The cutting edge is rounded at the tip.
Regular price $69.80 (ex GST)
Delrin Hera    This is one of the tools you will use the most. It can be used to gently score tissue for repairs, delicate prying, inserting small amounts of adhesive, prying open things, etc…. It fills a nice gap between a steel spatula and a bamboo hera. It is nicely flexible, great for manipulating deteriorating paper during paper repairs and turning pages
Regular price $78.50 (ex GST)
Modified 151 Spokeshave for Leather Paring. This improved  design of the 151 style spokeshave is modified for leather work. It now features a shaving collector. The shaving collector really speeds up work with the spokeshave, since you don’t have to stop and vacuum the stray shavings every couple of minutes. You can also save a lot of leather by avoiding the holes and tears these shavings can cause.

Other modifications include reducing the effective cutting angle by grinding the base, truing the adjustment knobs, rounding and lessening the surface area of the sole, opening the mouth a bit, flattening the blade bed by filing and filling with epoxy, and flattening the blade cap. It comes with a modified A2 blade, reground to a lower angle, sharpened, and the corners slightly rounded.

Regular price $506.15 (ex GST)

A2 English Leather Paring Knife.  These are A2 cryogenically treated knives, HRC 62. Excellent for all around paring. The handles are hardwood or leather, and the blade angle is 55 degrees. These knives are excellent for vegetable tanned goatskin, chrome tanned leathers, abrasive calf and alum tawed skin. The wood handle is ergonomically shaped. Horsebutt blade cover included. Fully hand sharpened, 13 degree bevel angle.

Regular price $253.05 (ex GST)