Grey/White Folding Box Board

Manufactured in the US by Legion Paper to the exact specifications of Rising conservation board. 100% sulphite. Acid-free and buffered with calcium carbonate. This versatile duplex grey white board is popular in libraries and conservation labs for folder and box making. Clean, non-cracking folding properties.

Pack of 10 sheets, 1 ply 1016 x 1524mm, grey, 240gsm

Regular price $85.85 (ex GST)

Pack of 10 sheets, 2 ply 1016 x 1524mm one layer white, one layer grey, 490gsm

Regular price $161.45 (ex GST)

Pack of 10 sheets, 3 ply 1016 x 1524mm two layers white, one layer grey, 770gsm

Regular price $204.55 (ex GST)

Pack of 10 sheets, 4 ply 1016 x 1524mm, 3 layers white, 1 layer grey, 1030gsm

Regular price $269.45 (ex GST)