Wax products for preservation.

Bee's Wax  Medium Wallnut. Prevents the formation of cracks, swellings or fading of any types of wood surfaces. A professional product containing the main waxes of mineral, animal and vegetable origin. Its protective capacity is sustained by extra resistant luminous pigments which enhance the warmth and colour of the wood, retouching possible flaws. It can be applied with a brush or a piece of woolen cloth. Wait a few minutes before polishing. Contains virgin bees' wax and carnauba. Anti-WoodWorm.

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Neutral Wax,  A mixture of transparent natural and synthetic wax , particularly indicated for the treatment of Venetian stucco, parquet and marble. The neutral base does not allow the original colour of the treated surface to alter in time and does not turn yellow.

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Set of 10 soft wax sticks for the repair of all the defects of the lacquered, corroded, chipped or scratched wood are eliminated quickly and safely. The retouched parts, even if treated with minimal quantities of product, are not subject to deterioration over time, keeping the consistency and colour unchanged. Based on natural waxes and mineral pigments, it is a super paintable and non-harmful product and can also be used on different materials. Equipped with remarkable plasticity, it allows quick and easy repairs.

These wax sticks can also be mixed with the ACCMODSTUC-W to produce a range of coloured fillers.

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