White Folder Board

Made of a single ply of material, our 100% Australian-made folder board does not contain any adhesives and is produced in accordance with the NAA’s archival quality standard. White folder board has many practical applications including folder-making, bookbinding and production of card supports. With a minimum alkaline reserve of 2%, the buffered board promotes longevity of paper-based collections by neutralising acids present within original materials that are stored in contact with it. Custom sizes available on request. Minimum quantities apply.

Pack of 50 sheets, 800 x 1200mm 350gsm white. Thickness 0.43mm

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Pack of 100 sheets, 505 x 735mm 260gsm white. Thickness 0.32mm

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Pack of 100 sheets, 665 x 970mm 260gsm white. Thickness 0.32mm

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