Survival Kits for Personal Collections

Now you can care for your photographic, document and textile collections with the same preservation materials that museums and archives use.


How the kits protect precious collections
• Polypropylene materials used are all archival quality. They are inert, stable and do not
contain harmful plasticers that off-gas and cause deterioration of original materials.
The polypropylene passes the Photographic Activity Test making it safe for long term
storage of photographic material

.• Storing documents and photographs in clear inert sleeves gives protection against
wear and tear and allows viewing without handling the originals.
• Slipcases and boxes create a dust and light-proof housing that protects items from
discolouration and fading.
• Wearing cotton gloves while handling precious materials can prevent staining and deterioration caused by acidic body oils and dirt.
• No adhesives, tape or stickers are used that can discolour or tear original materials.

A4/Foolscap document kit-box style. Charcoal manuscript box, c/w 25 document wallets,10 foolscap Melinex/Mylar sleeves, pk 100 25mm plastic paper clips

Regular price $49.32 (ex GST)

A4 Document kit-charcoal binder/slipcase.c/w 50 A4 Sleeves.

Regular price $38.45 (ex GST)

Foolscap Document kit-charcoal binder/slipcase, c/w 25 F/C sleeves

Regular price $36.90 (ex GST)

A3 Document kit-charcoal binder/slipcase, 25 A3 sleeves

Regular price $48.59 (ex GST)

A2 Document kit-charcoal binder/slipcase c/w 5 A2 sleeves with black polypropylene page inserts

Regular price $56.55 (ex GST)

A2 Textile box, 610x440x100mm, charcoal grey,  25 sheets unbuffered tissue 508x812mm

Regular price $29.59 (ex GST)

A2 Newspaper box, 610x440x100mm, charcoal grey,25 sheets buffered tissue 508x812mm

Regular price $29.59 (ex GST)

Photo kit-black fully enclosed binder/slipcase includes a choice of 2 x 25 sleeves pack.

NOTE: Please notify us in the Quote/Build order form of your 2 choices of sleeves packs.

You may choose, from the following products:

ENCPP35NEG-HP - 35mm Negs 7 Horiz Strips
ENCPP35SLIDE-HP - 35mm Slides centre load
ENCPP3X4-HP - 3 x 4" Prints 8 per side
ENCPP3.5X5-HP - 3.5 x 5" Prints 5 per side
ENCPP4X5-HP - 4 x 5" Prints/Transp 4 per side
ENCPP4X6VER-HP - 4 x 6" Prints Vert 4 per side
ENCPP4X6HOR-HP - 4 x 6" Prints horiz 3 per side
ENCPP5X7-HP - 5 x 7" Prints 2 per side
ENCPP6X8-HP - A5/6 x 8" prints 2 per side
ENCPPA4-HP - A4/8 x 12" Prints 1 per side

Regular price $46.55 (ex GST)